Tuesday, 18 August 2015

NL-3060113 The Great or St. John's Church in Schiedam, The Netherlands

The Great or St. John's Church  (St. Janskerk) is the oldest building in Schiedam which is a city and municipality in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands.  From the very beginning this church was and still is a cultural and historical centre of the city.  There are numerous events including (organ) concerts, fashion shows, big dinners, parties, community meetings, film projections, weddings, etc held in this building. Protestant church services are conducted in this church.

In 1262 an enterprising woman, Lady Aleida obtained the consent of Henry, bishop of Utrecht, to build the church.  That original church stood on the site of the current presbytery and the front part of the nave.  The construction of the present church building began in 1335 and was completed in 1425. The church was restored several times over the centuries and expanded.  The last restoration was completed in 2003.  Since 2012, St. John's Church Schiedam Foundation administers the church building.  The foundation maintains and improves the building from the proceeds of rentals and other revenues.

This vintage postcard came from Lenie (21 July 2015) Postcrossing.

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